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Pastor Doug McClain

Pastor Douglas McClain, having just returned from a pastorate in Isfahan, Iran, was led of the Lord to start New Testament Baptist Church in December of 1979.


He, his wife Debbie, and two sons, had been visiting with close friends in St. Thomas, Ontario earlier in the year and felt God leading them to Hamilton.  Later, God blessed them with two more children, a son and a daughter.  


In 1982, God led the church to establish a Christian School, and in 1985, a summer youth camp ministry called Camp Y.E.S. which operates for 4 weeks in August.  


Through the years, Pastor McClain has been privileged to teach several courses in a Canadian Bible College and to preach God’s Word in Baptist churches from coast to coast in Canada. 


Pastor Robert Wall

Pastor Robert Wall and his wife Jan, have been in full-time ministry for over 30 years. Pastor Wall in the early days served as a Christian School Administrator and Assistant Pastor. He has served as senior pastor in three churches in Michigan and has had very successful ministries.  


Pastor Wall left Fostoria Baptist Church in September 2009, where he and his wife served the Lord for 15 years, to follow God’s leading and become the Pastor of FaithWay Baptist Church as well as the President of FaithWay Baptist College of Canada.  He is passionate about training this generation to love and serve God and to make a difference here in Canada and around the world.

Pastor Wall is committed to teaching and preaching the Word of God.  His messages are soul-searching, practical and helpful for everyday living.


Pastor Michael Sullivant

Pastor Michael Sullivant, D.D. is the founding pastor of the Pembina Valley Baptist Church. He is both the senior pastor as well as president of Canadian Baptist Bible College. He, along with his wife Brenda, have faithfully been serving the Lord at Pembina Valley Baptist Church since its inception on December 11, 1988.

Pastor Sullivant was saved at the age of 15 during a revival service in Kansas City, Missouri. He heard a message on Hell and knew that he was in need of salvation. At the age of sixteen, his youth group from Kansas City took a trip to a camp at Lake of the Woods, Ontario and it was during that week he surrendered to God's will for his life. He knew that God called him to preach and that one day he would be serving the Lord in the great land of Canada.

After completing Bible college, he and his wife Brenda, along with five of their eight children (three later born in Canada), came to Manitoba in September of 1988. On December 11 of that same year, the first service for the Pembina Valley Baptist Church was held.

Pastor Sullivant has assisted in the starting of 11 churches, but the need to train young men became a great concern to him in 1995, when he and the members of Pembina Valley Baptist Church determined to start Canadian Baptist Bible College. God has greatly blessed.


Pastor Doug Wood

Doug Wood was called to pastor Harvesters Baptist Church in Delaware in 1986 where he and his wife Patti have served for over 30 years.  


He is currently the missions director of Harvesters Baptist Missions and has the wonderful privilege to help missionaries. This involves travelling to different continents, especially Asia, where Harvesters has many children's homes.

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