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Camp Y.E.S. 2022

Group of young campers and their counselor

Ages 16-19     August 1-6

Ages 13-15     August 8-13

Ages 10-12     August 15-20

Ages 7-9       August 23-27*


*Note that the last week of camp runs from Tuesday to Saturday

Drop off is at 2pm on Monday for ages 10-12.

For the 7-9 age group, drop off is at 2pm on Tuesday.

Pick up is at 10am on Saturday for all age groups.

Pricing starts at $200 for registration. Discounts apply for more than one camper registering from the same family.


Payment can be made via cheque or e-transfer at

1st Camper
2nd Camper
3rd Camper
4th Camper**

** There will be no charge for campers after the 4th child from a family group, but they will still need to be registered



Let's Get Aquainted...

Camp Y.E.S. has been providing a quality Christian camping experience for youths ages 7-19 for over 35 years. The program and activities are carefully planned and supervised by a screened and competent staff.

It is a place that is dear to the hearts of many campers who have formed life-long friendships and made decisions for Christ over the years.

Harvesters Baptist Church is pleased to announce that we will be returning to a 6 day schedule for August, 2022! 

Camp Y.E.S. 2022 will be led by Shane Johnson under the leadership of Pastor Lyle Featherstone.

Guest Speakers

Jeremy Johnson_edited.jpg

Missionary Jeremy Johnson

Ages 16-19

Ages 13-15


Dr. Al Stone

Ages 10-12


Len Crow

Ages 7-9

Camp Y.E.S. Fun

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